Sanitisers: Sugar firm donates alcohol

30Mar 2020
The Guardian
Sanitisers: Sugar firm donates alcohol

Kilombero Sugar Co. Ltd has donated 30,000 litres of alcohol to the government to enhance the availability of the raw material, which is a key component in the production of hand sanitisers.

Trade minister Innocent Bashungwa.

The support, which the Morogoro-based firm extended at the weekend, is meant to complement the government’s initiatives towards mitigating the pandemic in Tanzania.

Since the detection of the first case of Covid-19 in the country earlier this month, the demand for hand sanitisers has increased appreciably, creating greater need for the commodity and hence more demand for alcohol for production purposes among local manufacturers.

Kilombero Sugar Company has accordingly decided to donate the alcohol, which is produced from molasses – a by-product in sugar production. The alcohol, which was donated through the Industry and Trade ministry, is a relief for the availability of the raw material to local manufacturers of hand sanitisers.

Speaking of the contribution, KSC commercial director Fimbo Butallah said the company recently had an audience with the Industry and Trade minister Innocent Bashungwa.

“From him we learned that one of the major challenges facing the country during this crisis is limited availability of affordable hand sanitisers as well as increased demand for alcohol for manufacturers of the sanitisers,” he said.

“From our meeting with the minister, it was established that there is immense need of alcohol for local manufacturers to enable them to produce the item as per the current demand and sell the sanitisers at affordable prices,” he elaborated.

The director expressed hope that with KSC’s contribution, manufacturers of the commodity “will be incentivised and ultimately produce enough sanitisers for the market and sell at reasonable prices.”

To further cement its efforts to complement the government’s initiatives towards curbing the spread of Covid-19, KSC has issued a 22 per cent discount on the price of the alcohol it sells to manufactures.

“We used to sell the alcohol to manufacturers at 1,280/- per litre but, with this discount, our alcohol will now be sold at 1,000 per litre. We hope this will help the end user to get hand sanitisers at a more reasonable price,” said Butallah.

“We had 100,000 litres of alcohol in stock, of which 30,000 litres have already been given to the government and 60,000 litres will be sold to manufactures at the 22 per cent price discount per litre,” he said.

“We will ourselves use the remaining 10,000 litres in producing sanitisers.”

The sanitisers so produced will then be distributed free of charge to all KSC employees, individual sugarcane growers and members of the communities in the vicinity of Kilombero Valley, he declared.

“We believe that this pandemic is in our hands, and we have no option but to to work together in fighting it,” the director added.

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