Seed regulator, TTCL to control counterfeiting via mobile app

02Aug 2019
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Seed regulator, TTCL to control counterfeiting via mobile app

THE Tanzania Official Seed Certification Institute (TOSCI) and the Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation (TTCL) have partnered and launched a new quality control system using a mobile application aimed at curbing the counterfeiting of seeds.

The initiative was launched on Tuesday in Dar es Salaam, with the TTCL chief executive officer and TOSCI general manager signing the agreement.

Speaking to reporters, TOSCI GM Patrick Ngwediagi said there has been massive counterfeiting of seeds certified by TOSCI.

"We have therefore opted to shift to electronic means in order to ensure that we provide protection of seed to," he said.

"We have established that labels that we produce at the first time were too weak and easy to forge by anyone,” he stated.

The manager said they decided to come up with an innovative way of addressing the problem by introducing a system for quantifying the seeds by using mobile technology.

TOSCI experts took up a presidential directive to public institutions to make use of the telecom company (TTCL) in order to contribute to its growth.

"The agreement we have signed will help to assure farmers better seeds for farming," he asserted.

TTCL CEO Waziri Kindaba said the telecom firm joined the project to help farmers obtain better seeds to accelerate production and boost the country’s economy through modernized agriculture.

Through the system farmer g checks if seeds are certified by sending the code number to a receiver number with the certification body, identified as 15035 and receive the answer whether the sample is genuine or fake.

Kindaba noted that the system will be showcased during the agricultural exposition named Nanenane where a wide section of farmers will hear about the new application.

"Any farmer with the mobile of any network can access the service," the GM noted.

TTCL is the founder of the idea and he is the one that operates the system. "The inspector will work closely with farmers to get to know those who sells fake seeds," the TOSCI chief executive intoned.