Service delivery crippled by fake certificate saga

08May 2017
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Service delivery crippled by fake certificate saga

IRINGA and Kilolo municipalities are now grappling with a shortage of workers in the health and education departments after the recent government purge of fake academic certificate holders saw a total of 84 employees lose their jobs.

While Iringa municipality has lost 50 workers in the clean-up, 34 have been shown the door in Kilolo municipality.

Kilolo district executive director Aloyce Kwezi told The Guardian that the municipality is now struggling to render social services as a result of the purge.

“The health and education departments have been most affected with 32 of the 34 workers coming from those departments alone,” Kwezi said.

He added that immediate measures are needed to rescue the situation. Massive and Bomu dispensaries in Kilolo district now have just one worker each, compared to two earlier, he said.

Iringa municipal executive director Dr William Malware said at least 25 workers have been axed from the municipality’s health department. Ten of them were from the Flelimo district hospital, he said.

But he also commended President John Magufuli for ordering the exercise to axe unqualified civil servants, saying the move will ensure that civil servants who survive the clean-up earn their keep legally.

The same situation has bitten Kyela, Mbozi and Momba districts in Mbeya Region, where almost all civil servants exposed as having fake academic certificates have already left their work stations, according to reliable reports.

A survey conducted by The Guardian at Kyela district hospital found a good number of patients stranded due to shortage of service providers after the removal of seven doctors and nurses, leaving the hospital with only five doctors.

The hospital’s medical officer, Dr Francis Mhagama, admitted that the hospital now has an acute shortage of workers, but declined to discuss the matter further, saying he doesn’t have the mandate to do so.

Almost 10,000 civil servants across the country with forged school and college certificates were dismissed and removed from the government payroll as part of the exercise ordered by President Magufuli. Many are said to have quit their positions voluntarily after being exposed, leaving huge gaps in the public service.

The crackdown came after another purge launched in March last year discovered over 19,700 “ghost workers” who were causing the government to lose more than 238bn/- each year on fake salaries.

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