SGR first part reaches 90 pc

19Nov 2020
The Guardian
SGR first part reaches 90 pc
  • Dar-Moro train trips to start April

​​​​​​​PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa yesterday said that express trains will start plying the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro route in April next year.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has a first-hand account at the Julius Nyerere Hydro Power Project site in Coast Region yesterday as he witnesses the diversion of the Rufiji River waters to a tunnel, the plan being to pave the way for the construction of the main hydropower dam. Photo: PMO

He said this is thanks to the fact that implementation of the work at the section has reached 90 per cent and is on course for completion within the agreed time limits.

The PM made these remarks yesterday when touring the construction site of the SGR (standard gauge railway) station at Kihonda in Morogoro municipality, noting that President John Magufuli’s dreams of seeing the strategic SGR and Julius Nyerere Hydropower projects completed are about to come true.

"Those who were skeptical are now abandoning that position, I have also visited the Dar es Salaam Tanzanite Railway Station where passengers will mount to an upper storey to board the train, Soga railway workshop and boarded the train from Soga to Pugu,” he explained.

“As for now only about 50 to 60 kilometres remain for people to travel via SGR from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro,” he said.

What now remains for the Morogoro SGR station is the installation of electricity transmission lines for the rail service to start next April, he stated.

The work involves haulage of massive equipment and other materials from foreign countries, with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the pace of importation. The pandemic similarly slowed travel arrangements for consultants in the work, but the work maintained an even pace all the same, the premier underlined.

SGR’s first phase, the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro section when completed opens up economic opportunities as it halves the traveling time from three hours to one and a half hours, he said.

The modern Morogoro SGR station shall handle 800 passengers a day, parking more than 150 cars and motorcycles, while offering auxiliary services and thus business opportunities to scores of service providers, he remarked.

He told staff of the Yepi Merkezi contracting firm to professionally take up skills and directives for each construction stage so that they can handle repair and maintenance work afterwards when needed, instead of keeping foreign experts in place.

The premier instructed the Prisons Department and Morogoro Municipal Council to submit to his office documents and exhibits relating to ownership of the area near the Morogoro SGR Station by November 28th, and during this period no individual or institution may erect any structure in the area.

"I’m told there is a conflict pitting the Prisons Department and the municipal authorities, but whoever believes he is the true owner of the area should bring documents to my office in Dodoma by November 28,” he directed.

Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) Director General Masanja Kadogosa, said the completion of the SGR station will enable over 800 people to be serviced at one time, entering and exiting the complex. Read More...