Shortage of classrooms to delay Form I lessons in Mbeya Region

10Dec 2019
The Guardian
Shortage of classrooms to delay Form I lessons in Mbeya Region

AT least 2,716 students who passed this year’s National Standard VII Examinations and required to join Form I next year in Mbeya Region are in danger of delaying starting their secondary education due to the shortage of 59 classrooms.

This was revealed at the weekend by Ag Mbeya Regional Education Officer George Mbigima at a meeting with education stakeholders in which he briefed them on the selection of Form I students which he said only eight percent of those who passed have been selected to join secondary education.

He said because of this challenge the names of those selected are on hold until the classrooms are ready and that out of the region’s seven councils, only three – Busokelo, Mbeya City and Kyela have no shortage of classrooms.

Mbigima said the council leading in classrooms shortage is Mbarali District Council with 11 classrooms, followed by Mbeya District Council also with 11 classrooms, while Rungwe and Chunya with six each, and called on the leaders of these councils to ensure they supervise the constructions of the classrooms so that by January they should be ready.

The Mbeya Regional Administrative Officer (RAS) Jeremiah Minja directed all councils to complete work on the classrooms by January 15 2020.

He said the Minister of State, in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government Seleman Jaffo had directed the classrooms to be completed by January 30, but they have decided to put forward the date.

Some of the district commissioners who attended the meeting gave their strategies to ensure all students who passed start secondary education as soon as possible.

The Mbarali District Commissioner whose district leads the pack in shortage of classrooms, Reuben Mfune said in his district they have decided to build nine new schools to confront the classrooms shortage challenge.

He said out of these new schools, six will be opened in January and after that they will continue with the work of building new classrooms at old schools.

When giving statement on students selected to join Form I Jaffo said 173,636 students countrywide could not be selected to join Form I due to shortage of classrooms.

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