Simbachawene assures foreign diplomats of free, fair elections

21Feb 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Simbachawene assures foreign diplomats of free, fair elections

HOME Affairs Minister George Simbachawene has held discussion with the Acting Ambassadors of the United States, ambassadors of the European Union, Angola and Kuwait and assured them Tanzania is safe and that General Elections earmarked for October this year will be free and fair.

Speaking to the envoys who paid him courtesy calls yesterday at different times at his Dar es Salaam office, Simbachewene assured them that the organs under his jurisdiction will continue to work diligently and professionally to beef up security for the people and their property.

The minister also pledged more cooperation between his ministry and the envoys on various issues.

“Tanzania will continue to be safe because my ministry is well prepared in providing security to the people including foreigners and their property,” said Simbachewene.

Simbachawene thanked the envoys for their visit and assured them that they are welcome at any time they need to see him in his office.

“I’m so pleased with your visit, you are very welcome, my ministry and the country in general will continue cooperating with you in various issues,” he said.