Simbachawene closes down iron bar factory for one month

13Jan 2020
The Guardian
Simbachawene closes down iron bar factory for one month

THE Minister in the Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment) George Simbachawene has closed down an iron bar factor dubbed Fujian Hexingwang located at Kisemvule area in Coast region for violating environmental laws and putting people’s health at risk.

Speaking during unscheduled tour of the area over the weekend, minister Simbachawene asked the factory to ensure that environmental issues especially those threatening the wellbeing of human being  and other living organisms were addressed.

“NEMC (National Environment Management Council) should make sure that all the necessary measures are taken to make sure that the factory reopens after one month. We really need  these factories but the safety of our people shouldn’t be jeopardised,” he said.

The minister added that the factory owners would in addition   pay a fine for violating environmental laws which require  them to complete all the environment safety procedures before commissioning.

“I have discovered some peculiar things in this industry, for example, the product is underway but basic infrastructures are not in place, this move violates our laws and therefore they will be required to pay a fine,” he said.

People surrounding the facility have hailed the government for the actions taken, saying that the factory’s activities were putting their health at risk.

“We welcome government decision on the matter, this factor was producing massive waste that had polluted the environment and caused epidemic diseases,” said Shaban Athuman.

For his part, another resident of the area Daniel Saul  said the residents of the area supports government objective of building an industrial and middle income economy by 2025 but added that the implementation of the same should go hand in hand with the environment conservation and people health’s protection.

“We thank government for its measure to build industries for economic development but those violating environmental laws should be checked to stop damages to present and future generations,” he said.

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