Simbachawene directs NEMC to tighten noose on scrap metal export

12Aug 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Simbachawene directs NEMC to tighten noose on scrap metal export

MINISTER of State in the Vice President's Office (Union and Environment) George Simbachawene has ordered National Environment Management Council (NEMC) to use its zonal offices in controlling export of scrap metal.

George Simbachawene (L), Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment), inspects a container stuffed with scrap metal at the Dar es Salaam Port yesterday. He is with National Environment Management Council director general Dr Samuel Gwamaka. Photo: Guardian Correspondent

Speaking over the weekend shortly after touring the Dar es Salaam port where he inspected the export of scrap metal ,  Simbachawene hinted that the current system used in exporting the raw materials in question leads to loss of government revenues.

“This business has huge profit to dealers, but the system used is unfavourable to revenue collection due to the fact that no receipts are issued,” he said.

Simbachawene noted that at this era where the government is eyeing a middle income and industrial base economy by 2025, scrap metal is potential raw materials for domestic industries.

“Only the cast iron are for export the rest must remain in the country because the domestic industries need the materials,”  he explained , adding that NEMC must act tough on the matter.

“I am calling on NEMC to make use of its zonal offices, regional and district Commissioners to control the export of scrap metal so as to serve country from losing revenues,” he said.

In another development, The minister asked the responsible authorities to explain in details as to why a permission to export 18 containers of scrap metal was issued amidst the export ban.

“All the authorities responsible with the  inspection scrap metal before export should come together and come up with answers as to why 18 containers of scrap metal were exported despite the ban, scrap metals now is a big business perhaps bigger that of minerals,” he said.

The port’s customs manager, Njaule Mdendu said the Minister’s tour has shaded light on the management  of scrap metal, promising to implement all the orders and find solutions to the challenges.

“We thank the minister in  the way at which he has elaborated on various issues, this will increase efficiency on our part and permanent offices of NEMC staff is vital as will easy the inspection task and sorting out which one of the scrap metal are for export,” he said.

Since his appointment to the post, minister Simbachawene has been stressing the need for NEMC to enforce the implementation of environmental laws and regulation to protect environment.