Simiyu faces acute shortage of hepatitis vaccines,expert

07Jan 2020
The Guardian
Simiyu faces acute shortage of hepatitis vaccines,expert

A LABORATORY expert at Simiyu Regional Referral Hospital Raphael Kambona says they are facing the challenge over the availability of adequate vaccines for hepatitis, the situation that compels them to suspend vaccination at times.

Kambona  said yesterday in his office saying six months since the hospital started Hepatitis vaccination, the response from public has been immense.

He said they had often suspended receiving patients because the stock of the vaccines is small, hence if they start giving vaccines to new patients they will run short of vaccines to other patients.

He said in the six months period a total of 251 patients, equivalent to 3.2 per cent came for examination and treatment of hepatitis out of whom eight were found to have contracted the disease and were referred to Bugando hospital for further treatment.

Senior medical officer at Simiyu Region Referral Hospital Dr Matoke Mahanji said as the hospital continues to operate it will have the capacity for self sufficiency.

He said currently the hospital is still in its infancy but the expectation is that it will expand and improve its essential services that are still curtailed.

Dr Matoke further said apart from the challenges they have been facing, they have been able to offer mobile medical services to 924 people at last year’s Nane Nane Exhibitions.

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