Singida MC allots 500m/- for dumpsite and slaughter house

23Feb 2021
Michael Sikapundwa
The Guardian
Singida MC allots 500m/- for dumpsite and slaughter house

SINGIDA Municipal Council has allocated over 500m/- in the 2021/2022 fiscal year for the construction of a modern dumpsite and slaughter house so as to improve cleanliness and conserve the environment.

Bravo Lyapembile.

Municipal council director, Bravo Lyapembile unveiled this here over the weekend when briefing the deputy minister in the Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment), Mwita Waitara, who visited the municipality. During his tour, Waitara inspected two projects including a dumpsite located at Manga village 5-kilometers from Singida town centre and slaughter slab.

Lyapembile said that the funds will also be used to purchase a garbage truck.

According to him, the municipal council has been using old garbage collecting facilities for years, something which hinders effective cleanliness and other sanitation measures.

Municipal mayor, Yagi Kiaratu urged the central government to allocate more budget to the council which receives only 5,415,929/- each financial year which is insufficient.

Kiaratu said the funds can’t even support the tree planting campaign, which also include educating people about environmental conservation as well as visiting projects in remote areas particularly during downpour.

In his remarks Waitara congratulated the municipality for investing highly in improving environmental preservation through allocating enough budgets.

He acknowledged that towards improving hygiene in the municipality, having enough sanitary facilities, modern damping sites, slaughterhouses and waste-water control measures are vital.

“Singida municipal council is also implementing projects to control waste water and collection of manure with the target of making biogas something which will also improve sanitation,” he said.

He congratulated the council for issuing  11.7m/- as compensation for the 6.7 land acres for the construction of the modern slaughterhouse.

“According to the 2012 population census, Singida has an estimated of 187,563 people  whereby 91,815 were men and 95,748 women, the number could have been increased even more now, so there is a need to invest more in protecting the environment otherwise there will be much destruction of environment,” he added.

The deputy minister further hailed the municipality for allocating 27m/- from internal sources to purchase garbage alleviators which have the capacity to grade soft and hard waste compared to before both were grouped together thus hindering the recycling process.

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