Singida to organise training on measurement for its executives  

29Apr 2021
Felix Andrew
The Guardian
Singida to organise training on measurement for its executives  

SINGIDA Regional Commissioner Dr Rehema Nchimbi has ordered all officials in the region  dealing with producers to attend training on correct use of measurement and packaging.

Speaking yesterday while opening training on weigh scales and packaging that was organised by Weights and Measures Agency, (WMA), she hailed the organisation for conducting the event which also involved  edible oil processors and traders dealing with packaging.

“I congratulate WMA for organizing this trainining in our region, I order the Singida Regional Administrative Secretary and all  district commissioners to make sure that they organise similar event and  invite all  officials dealing with producers at their respective departments,” she said .

She said she wants to see similar classes on measurement well organized and all executives including extension officers should attend  so that they can have results regarding weighs .

 Dr Nchimbi said if producers apply correct measures and put quality packaging they would help the government to improve  economy of the country.

She said she is eager to see the said training is conducted within the region and all officials including herself are attending   without any excuse.

“It is not acceptable to wait for WMA officials from Dar es Salaam or Dodoma to provide us training while we have enough officials within the region who can do similar assignment,” she insisted.

She told training participants that measurement is not a joke for human life, since it build confidence and ensure quality of products using correct measures.

She said measurement helps producer to understand if he/she has reached production of 20 kilogrammes from three per day.

She explained that the government wants to see that producers have enough faith, confidence  and become happy while producing, but without measurement it is not possible.

Dr Nchimbi applauded all participants who attended the training saying the issue regarding information on measurement is not seasonal, but a daily need.

“So we can not wait for a person from Dar es Salaam to bring us information regarding measures, since they are not implemented in offices, they are found at citizens, producers,” she said.

According to her it does not help to take legal action over a person for failure to adhere to measurement requirement, but they want to see him benefit with production using correct measurement, that is why all officials must have enough education and advise them, and make close follow up at every stage of production and sales.

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