Singida RC mulls new KPIs for civil servants

08Jan 2020
The Guardian
Singida RC mulls new KPIs for civil servants

SINGIDA Regional Commissioner, Dr Rehema Nchimbi wants to introduce new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for civil servants in the region for better evaluation and implementation of the civil service delivery system.

Singida Regional Commissioner, Dr Rehema Nchimbi

RC Nchimbi said that the move is in line with the regional motto dubbed: ‘Mshahara wangu upo wapi’ (where is my salary), which is meant to improve service delivery in every department across the region.

Speaking to Singida regional civil servants at a special meeting geared to welcome 2020, Dr Nchimbi warned civil servants to refrain from politics and instead work hard in line with the spirit of Fifth-phase government, under President John Magufuli.

She said that lives in Singida have been tremendously improved due to various projects and initiatives implemented by the government.

Nchimbi cited TASAF as among of the programmes hailing it for the remarkable achievement in transforming lives and boosting the development of poor people in the  region.

According to her, since it was introduced in the region a total of 38,136 poor households from 278 villages in the region had benefited from 37.9bn/- disbursed by the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) from September 2014 to January 2020.

“Currently Singida is no longer a poor region…most of the families are now living  good lives.  We have also set aside 12000 hactares for block farming in Manyoni district whereby farmers had planted cashews and have started to produce…We real commend the government for its continued to support to its people,” she added.

The regional commissioner also urged residents and traders to utilise trade opportunities at the new “Bikira Maria hijah centre,” at Sukamahela in Manyoni district.

“This area has a lot of trade opportunities which traders and residents can grab them as it attracts a lot of guests who come for hijjah, so make sure you utilise while protecting peace,” Nchimbi said.

For her part, deputy minister of State in the President’s Office - Public Service Management and Good Governance, Dr Mary Mwanjelwa who is also in Singida for four-day official tour said that the government has done a lot to improve the public sector including salaries and other dues.

She said that all the challenges facing public servants including salary increments, transfers, pensions and other benefits were because of   poor presentation of information.

“Responsible departments in the public service should to work on the challenges by ensuring that they prepare and submit claims which had all the needed information for the servants to be paid on time,” she  added.

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