Singida RC warns to close ‘pombe’ shops over covid-19

07Apr 2020
The Guardian
Singida RC warns to close ‘pombe’ shops over covid-19

​​​​​​​SINGIDA Regional Commissioner Dr Rehema Nchimbi has said the government will close down all places selling local brew (pombe shops) if the owners thereof fail to abide by the preventive measures against Covid-19 infection.

Dr Nchimbi issued the warning at the Singida region’s Tanzania Women Union (UWT) meeting convened to discuss among other things the coivid-19 pandemic.

Dr Nchimbi who is also the chairperson of the region’s health committee said during these difficult times sellers of the local brew are to make sure that every customer served must have his own container for the brew as opposed to the former habit when one container was shared by many.

“Anyone who wants to do this business must ensure every customer washes his hands with running water and soap, to stay far apart, and have his own container to drink from,”  she said.

Dr Nchimbi who is also the chairperson of the Region’s defense and security committee also said whoever will not abide by these directives will have his license revoked.

She also said whoever will be found drunk at   ‘pombe’ shop will be ejected since a drunk will not be able to abide by preventive measures against covid-19 infections and added that the militia and other defense units will be making rounds to oversee this directive is adhered to.

Some of the meeting’s participants advised the government to ensure education on the pandemic is provided in the villages since many villagers are not well educated on the hazards of covid-19 infections.

On her part the Singida region UWT chairperson Jenny Efraimu Kessy stressed that Covid-19 pandemic is very dangerous and advised for every business person his customers wash their hands using soap and running water before entering his shop.

“I used to have about four business acquaintances based in China, but whenever I try to contact them by phone I receive no response from them, all them have died, this is a very dangerous disease, we must go and educate people in our districts to take precautions against the pandemic,” she said.