Singida records decline in road crashes

19Feb 2020
The Guardian
Singida records decline in road crashes

​​​​​​​NINETY TWO people have been killed and 118 others sustained injuries on various road crashes that occurred in Singida Region for the past two years.

Singida Regional Commissioner Dr Rehema Nchimbi.

According to a report issued by police traffic department in Singida Region, in 2018 a total of 51 road crashes occurred, which killed 40 people while 11 others were injured.

Briefing   the Singida Regional Commissioner Dr Rehema Nchimbi on the status of road traffic cases in the region, a traffic police officer Abiudi Kasonde  said that in 2019,  the region recorded 47 road crashes,  which killed 27 people and  15 were injured.

According to Kasonde, the number of road crashes has declined compared to previous years.

He cited improved law enforcement mechanisms as one of the factors for the decline of accident in the central Tanzanian region.

Deadly motor accidents are frequent in Africa and Tanzania in particular where roads and highways are narrow and often have many potholes.

It is estimated that young people aged 5-29 years across the world are increasingly dying from road traffic accidents.

Road traffic deaths have been cited as the eighth leading cause of death for all age groups surpassing other diseases such as HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and diarrheal.