Sisal production revamping in Tanga pays off - centre

20Jan 2021
The Guardian
Sisal production revamping in Tanga pays off - centre

THE government move to revive sisal farming in Tanga has started paying off by offering jobs to residents who are now being employed by the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) which has been mandated to produce seeds for distribution to farmers.

The director for TARI Mlingano centre in Tanga Dr Catherine Senkoro said due to the exercise to produce seeds, about 160 people are paid for various tasks at the centre daily.

“Our centre has produced 5000 seeds which are ready for distribution to farmers, and we are using people around the research centre in various tasks which in turn gives them something to take home,” she said.

She added that TARI spends about one million daily to pay residents who work as labourers.

One of the residents who is a beneficiary of the employment Mary Masinga a resident of Mkanyageni village said the sisal revival initiative has been very beneficial to them adding that most of the families have benefited.

Directors for TARI Dr Geofrey Mkamilo said about 70percent of hectares have been prepared for the project which is aimed at bringing the crop back to its old good days.

He said the aim of TARI was to produce two million seeds within a short period of time and distribute them to farmers hence achieve the government plan to have crop revived.

Tanzania has put in place strategies aimed at reviving sisal production from the current 30,000 tonnes of the crop annually to 120,000 tonnes by 2024. Read More...

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