Sitta funeral: Harmony, non-partisanship stressed

13Nov 2016
Bilham Kimati
Guardian On Sunday
Sitta funeral: Harmony, non-partisanship stressed

THE main opposition party in the National Assembly, Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) has argued for patriotism and mutual understanding among politicians and law enforcement agents to build true democracy in the country.

REST IN PEACE: Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa and his wife Mary lay a wreath on the grave of former National Assembly Speaker Samuel Sitta during his burial ceremony held at his home village in Urambo, Tabora region, yesterday.

The official leader of opposition in Parliament, Freeman Mbowe told mourners at the burial of the late former Speaker of the National Assembly Samuel Sitta in Urambo district, Tabora Region that the nation can only remain united if partisan confrontations are put aside.

“The police force is always clashing with the opposition, but today they are obedient because of the fallen hero Samuel Sitta,” he stated.

“Sitta preached harmony, unity and would squabble on issues, yet remain friends with the other side of the dispute,” he further noted.

Mbowe said the best way to honour his memory was to ensure that the country advocates peace and learns to respect each other regardless of political affiliations.

He said the legislature, the judiciary and the executive each has a major contribution to make for the welfare of the nation and its people.

“Life is so short and all will come to pass including politics, misunderstanding, acrimony and other hitches but the nation will survive,” he said, noting also that politicians ought to build bridges and not walls.

He said that as a country, as responsible citizens and politicians, they need to build a strong and united nation that desists from disunity.

His words echoed remarks by Bishop Alex Mkumbo, presiding at the funeral, that all human beings were created in the image of God and should learn to forgive each other.

Speaking on behalf of the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT), the bishop said it was unfortunate that politicians, believers, neighbours and relatives hated each other and refused to forgive one another.

He said as human beings we were not created to behave in such a manner as even the founders of the nation taught us to show respect and care for each other irrespective of our differences of political orientation, faith, race, ethnicity or economic background.

The cleric admonished heartless individuals overtaken by greed for wealth and sponsored senseless brutal attacks on fellow human beings including albinos expecting to gain riches.
“This is against God’s teachings.

We must help each other to live in harmony. You should treat each other the way you want to be treated. Parents and guardians should teach children the right path to follow before they are spoilt,” said the Bishop.

He named the late Sitta as an icon of mutual understanding and unifier of the community whose beliefs should not be abandoned. He quoted from the Holy Scriptures, Hebrew Chapter 12 verse 14 that says; “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”

Prime MinisterKassim Majaliwa, who led thousands of mourners at the burial of Samwel Sitta in Urambo district in Tabora, described him as a man of peace who made all efforts to promote harmony, diligence, trust and honesty.

“The death of Samuel Sitta has touched me a great deal. He was a great pillar of dedicated leadership skills. He was my source of inspiration. The first time I came to Urambo and served as a district commissioner, I spent time with him, preparing me to become a devoted leader.

He taught me not to entertain conflicts, show no partiality and always say and defend the truth. We have lost a great leader with a clean chapter of service to the nation,” Majaliwa sadly concluded.

The minister for Information, Culture, Artists and Sports, Nape Nnauye described the late Sitta as not only a leader but a caring father, good instructor and a very important person to the minister’s successful political career.