Six distributors of banned lubricants arrested

27Jan 2019
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Six distributors of banned lubricants arrested

SIX distributors who were arrested with over 50 cartons of abolished lubricants (brake fluid) in Dar es Salaam will be dragged to courts of law anytime soon.


It will be the first incident to occur since the commencement of the exercise to remove abolished lubricants dubbed DOT3 started a few years ago.

Speaking during the exercise yesterday in Dar es Salaam, an inspector with the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), Simon Emmanuel said six traders with abolished brake fluid worth over Sh10m had been arrested.

Without naming them, he said that the traders were all conducting their businesses at Kariakoo area.

“We launched the campaign to remove banned lubricants and other substandard products being sold in various markets countrywide,” he said, elaborating that major distributors of substandard lubricants were identified prior to the exercise.

Identification of the areas helped them to quickly nab all those involved in the exercise and remove the products from the market, he stated.

“TBS is still carrying out the operation,” he further noted, affirming that the brake fluid was from the Middle East and was abolished some years back despite that a few untrustworthy traders continue to import it.

He said however that the importation of DOT 4 was allowed as it was good for brakes of vehicles and other machines. TBS is doing all that to protect consumers from purchasing substandard goods, he emphasized.

“Such goods are not good for health and increase the cost of living,” he stated.

Emmanuel urged the public to buy products from certified and legally recognised outlets scattered all over the country.

Promoting standards was the core responsibility of TBS so that quality is not compromised. The agency can suspend production or importation of any goods which abuse procedures, he pointed out.

Halfan Kibiriti, a Dar es Salaam trader, said substandard brake fluid was imported through the port of Dar es Salaam, urging TBS officials to improve inspection and awareness on substandard products.