Six regions affected by cholera outbreak

06Dec 2016
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Six regions affected by cholera outbreak

THE government yesterday announced an outbreak of cholera in six regions which has claimed the lives of at -least six people with the number of patients reaching 458 between October and November, this year

Ummy Mwalimu

Minister for Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children, Ummy Mwalimu told journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday that it has come to the ministry’s notice that the disease has affected the regions of Morogoro, Dodoma, Mara, Kigoma, Arusha and Dar es Salaam.

She however called upon residents in the mentioned areas to take serious precautions.
According to the minister, the number of patients increased from 250 in October to 458 in November in which six deaths were reported.

Number of regions and councils affected also increased from four to six regions while councils increased from 6 to 14 councils during the same period of time.

“We are using too much efforts to cure than prevent, we can only eradicate this problem and others by involving ourselves in preventive methods,” she said.

She emphasized on the importance of every community to have quality latrines so as to prevent the spread of the diseases saying currently only 34 per cent of communities have quality pit toilets.

She said in Morogoro 282 patients were reported, Dodoma (96) and (2) deaths, Mara 31 patients, Kigoma 31 patients and 4 deaths, Arusha 11 patients and Dar es Salaam 8 patients.

On councils affected, the minister said Arusha Municipal Council reported 9 patients, Arusha Rural (2), Buhigwe (26), Dodoma Municipal (13), Ilala (2), Kilosa council ((236), Kogwa council (5),Morogoro Municipal Council (39), Mpwapwa council (88), Mvumero (5), Roria (12), Tarime village council (19), Uvinza (4) council, and Ubungo (6) patients.

The minister called on the district and regional health officers to report all issues related to cholera to the responsible authorities rather than being afraid as it is the case now.
It is reported that the officials do not report the cases for fear of being suspended from their positions.

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