SMZ will continue to hold elders in high esteem, says Dr Shein

18Nov 2019
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SMZ will continue to hold elders in high esteem, says Dr Shein

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein says his government will continue to hold elders in high esteem by improving social and economic services to enable them live happily and peacefully.

Dr Shein said this yesterday at different occasions at Amani CCM Hall in Zanzibar West Region when speaking to elders from the party’s Zanzibar Urban District.

He said the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government (SMZ) is preparing a law for the elders’ upkeep including regulations that would see giving identity cards to them.

He added that SMZ will continue to make deliberate efforts to ensure all elders are listed for community pension payment every month even to those elders who don’t have birth certificates.

He explained that his government is also in the process of establishing special social pension programme as laid down b y the party’s election manifesto and that he will ensure he will supervises the programme before he leaves office.

Dr Shein, who is also CCM’s Vice Chairman for Zanzibar said there was a need for the elders to explain the youths the importance of holding the elders in high esteem due to their great accomplishment for the country.

He said SMZ values efforts by the elders they took during the struggle for independence of Tanganyika through Afro Shirazi Party (ASP) and Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) — the fore bearers of CCM, and added that the elders were the ones who built Zanzibar after liberating it.

He also used the occasion to congratulate the elders who fought for the country which enabled it to make huge development strides

Dr Shein was moved by the elders’ statement read at the meeting and said that all promises made by the party will be implemented step by step.

He said it was important at this time to maintain the obtaining peace and unity in the country as well as taking steps to strengthen the party.

He said victory for the party in election is a foregone conclusion since it was a directive from the party’s Constitution as laid down in its objectives, and added that since the party is liked by the majority, then it was important for whatever has been planned by the party is implemented.

He added that victory for the party was essential for the continuation of the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar initiated by Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Abeid Amaniu Karume.

He said since the January 12 Revolution Zanzibar has changed a lot and will continue to change due to good work by the party and its leaders.

CCM Deputy Secretary General for Zanzibar Abdalla Juma Mabodi stressed what Dr Shein had said and praised for implementing all that was promised.

In their statement the elders praised Dr Shein for providing Zanzibaris social services including clean water, health, road infrastructures and free education as well constructing more storeyed buildings for schools.

They also congratulated him for his great victory in the last election where he garnered more than 90 percent of the total votes.

The elders also congratulated Dr Shein for making efforts in the country’s security by installing CCTV cameras in many areas of Zanzibar.

They also explained their satisfaction seeing the Zanzibar economy growing by 7.2 percent thereby enabling the elders receive their monthly 20,000/- pension.

On their part CCM District Chairpersons from Amani and Zanzibar Urban congratulated Dr Shein for implementing what he promises, the efforts that has made Zanzibar making great strides in development.

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