Solar power firm to reward best performing students in Kisarawe

24Feb 2020
The Guardian
Solar power firm to reward best performing students in Kisarawe

ZOLA Electric Tanzania has expressed its commitment to supporting the community and supporting the government's efforts to improve the education sector in the country through its investment.

The company pledged to award solar gadgets to best performing students in the year’s National form four examination from Kisarawe District through ongoing company’s dubbed BukuanaUshinde.

The company's Managing Director , Yusuph Nasoro, said over the week end in Kisarawe, that the strategy was aimed at stimulating the motivation of students in schools to study hard so that they could pass their exams especially in challenging areas of electricity from the National grid power supply.

“Our company believes that education is the key to life and education can be accelerated, and that is why we have come up with a plan to motivate students in schools, especially areas that are challenged by electricity as one of our support to communities in line with supporting government efforts to improve the education sector in the country”, he said.

He said students who will enter the top 10 in the nation's Form Four examination, will be gifted solar power accessories and three successful students who will enter the top 3, their families will be connected to free solar along with access to modern energy-efficient devices from ZOLA.

Apart from education, the solar power firm vowed to continue supporting other sectors in the community including health improving initiatives.

Kisarawe district commissioner, Jokate Mwegelo, commended Zola’s company initiatives aimed at improving education sector by providing incentives to students.

“This support will help to transform education as it will make students study hard, hence scale up performance in the region” she said.

She urged students to continue to take advantage of the various opportunities that are available to help them achieve success and to realize their dreams and to realize that diligent study and knowledge is one of the key to success in their lives along with making a contribution to the development of the nation.

She ended up calling on other enterprises to support social services that are focused on bringing change in line with developing businesses that stimulate employment and self-employment, as ZOLA Electric Company.

Zola Electric, formerly known as Mpower, designs and delivers the most trusted power solutions that enable clean, affordable and reliable electricity anywhere. The company started operations in Tanzania in 2012, now emerged as number one Champion amongst other renewable companies with market share of 48 per cent.