Solicitor General shows scores in past two years

17Oct 2020
The Guardian
Solicitor General shows scores in past two years

​​​​​​​THE Office of the Solicitor General yesterday outlined what it said were tremendous achievements in the year 2019/20 despite being instituted just recently.

Solicitor General Gabriel Malata.

Its overall trophy was having saved 11.4trn/- after winning foreign and domestic cases filed against the government. The cases involved the seizure of government assets, including an aircraft seized in South Africa and then in Canada.

Solicitor General Gabriel Malata made these observations at a capacity building session for state attorneys to improve their litigation performance.

The Solicitor General’s office was reintroduced in 2018, ending the period when its functions were transferred to the Attorney General’s office, starting from 1965. It was initially established to handle cases and arbitration proceedings on behalf of the government and its institutions locally and abroad.

After it came into operation in 2018, in the financial year 2019/20 it won cases with litigated values totaling 11.4trn/-, in proceedings within and outside the country, he said.

It has retrieved 106 farms seized by “people with nasty intentions” over those properties, belonging to the government, he stated.

“There are also stadiums, hotels and various houses that were taken over by unscrupulous people including the Mbeya Hotel. It is currently in the hands of the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC),” he elaborated.

SG Malata said that despite the successes, the office saw it needs to continue building capacities of advocates so as to enable them carry out their duties efficiently.

“This training is designed to increase their abilities in various areas, like information collection and case preparation, document preparation and defense skills.  Other areas are writing essays and evidence, adding witnesses to testify in court, electronic evidence, the role of government lawyers, the judiciary and the society as a whole, ” he stated.

Amon Mpanju, the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs affirmed that the training will uplift the lawyers in discharging their duties.

“I believe that lawyers know their job very well but this training will help them gain more skills and knowledge and apply it in their work. This will also help you to be more confident to enforce the law and do it correctly,” he added.

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