Source electrical materials locally -minister Mkumbo urges contractors

18Oct 2021
Henry Mwangonde
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Source electrical materials locally -minister Mkumbo urges contractors

​​​​​​​MINISTER for Industry and Trade Prof Kitila Mkumbo has called upon contractors to use locally-made electrical materials, saying Tanzania now has factories capable of producing high quality products.

​​​​​​​MINISTER for Industry and Trade Prof Kitila Mkumbo.

Prof Mkumbo said there was no reason for contractors to import electrical materials while they can get them from local industries that also produce quality products.

“You shouldn’t bother yourself to order such materials from abroad while they are available here in Tanzania,” Prof Mkumbo said when speaking to journalists after visiting the African Company in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

The minister was impressed to learn about the high-tech that the company deploys in producing electric products for the local market as well as beyond borders. The minister toured the company's industries which produce transformers and electric cables.

He said the company was truly implementing the government’s agenda of building an industrial economy.

He further said the government was fast-tracking the Kigamboni Industrial Park in the outskirt of the city whereby by July next year all necessary infrastructures such as road, water infrastructures and electricity will be in place.

“The ministers responsible for these sectors have assured me of speedy construction of infrastructures for providing such services. We hope that by July next year everything will be in place,” he stated.

Africab Marketing Officer David Tarimo thanked the government for continued support to local investors by creating a good investment environment.

“We will ensure that Tanzanians get quality products in support of the government's efforts to build an industrial economy,” Tarimo vowed.

Following campaigns for promoting locally produced products, he said they have managed to successfully operate in the local market as customers have positively responded to their products.

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