Speaker cautions frugal MPs hiring motorcycles

17Apr 2021
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Speaker cautions frugal MPs hiring motorcycles

DESPITE pocketing cool amounts in salaries and sitting allowances, some lawmakers resort to hiring motorcycles to go to Parliament grounds as their daily means of transport to and from the august House, it has emerged.

This came to the public attention after Speaker of the National Assembly Job Ndugai yesterday cautioned frugal MPs who have been using motorcycles to change to other means of transport for safety concerns.

Ndugai issued this appeal in the House after noticing that some of the lawmakers were opting for passenger motorcycles instead of using official cars that are part of their packages.

He added remarks after the Deputy Minister for Works and Transport, Godfrey Kasekenya was responding to concerns from legislators on the status of roads in the country.

Several MPs were concerned over delayed construction of roads in their areas, thus occasioning poor transportation.

Speaker Ndugai appealed to the lawmakers to also think on how their voters will perceive them on the means of transport they were using.

“Let me also say about something relating to the roads, and this is about some legislators using bodaboda as means transport to and from Parliament. This is good transport, I don’t have doubt on it, but my request to you is that you have to be very careful, make sure the drivers you using are also competent,” he said.

He reminded the MPs that if getting them into the House was so costly, so they should think carefully on the matter.

Earlier, different MPs asked when the government would construct roads in some parts of their constituencies having poor roads connecting wards or villages to major roads.

One of them, Stanslaus Nyongo (Maswa-East) wanted to know government plans to construct a by-pass road in Maswa district so that residents could be relieved from transport challenges, and also plan for installing street lights.

Kibiti MP Twaha Mpembenwe wanted to know when a feasibility study would start for construction of the road from Kibiti to the Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project (JNHPP), if it is being implemented as promised by them vice president and running mate, Samia Suluhu Hassan during election campaigns.

In his basic question, Msalala legislator KasimuIddi asked when the government would start constructing the Geita-Bukoli-Kahama road.

The deputy minister said the plan was progressing to construct the by-pass road in Maswa district and install about 60 street lights.

He said the ministry through the National Roads Agency (TanRoads) has already started installing lights along the Mwigumbi-Maswa major road during the 2020/21 financial year. A total of 18 street lights have already been installed, costing a total of 81m/-, he added.

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