Speaker directs Committee to investigate exam leakage  

09Nov 2021
Henry Mwangonde
Financial Times
Speaker directs Committee to investigate exam leakage  

NATIONAL Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai has directed the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Social Welfare and Community Development to sit down and find a solution to the recently leaked medical examinations for middle- level colleges.

The Speaker made the directives yesterday after the end of the question and answer session directing that two sides should do so before Friday.

“The two sides should sit and find a solution before Friday and come up with the way forward on this matter,” said Ndugai.

The Speaker said the leakage of the examination was dangerous as the profession deals with the lives of people.

Recently the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) has annulled results for theoretical examinations in respect to all subjects in the Medical Level 5 Programme and directed the examination’s re-sitting in six weeks’ time beginning November 1 this year.

Also, the Ministry of Health has instructed heads of all medical colleges to convey the message to enable students prepare themselves for the exams.

In his remarks when commenting on the matter, the government chief medical officer, Dr Aifello Sichalwe said the government was going to investigate the matter.

He said the step has been reached after an inquiry panel formed to probe into the issue submitted its report that proved the existence of fraud at some colleges that were investigated through students’ mobile phones.

He further said during its inquiries, the panel found that examination papers have been distributed via social networks and seen in some mobile phones belonging to students.

He also said when interrogated, the students confessed to have received the examinations through social networks started by the students for the purpose of informing each other for discussion.