SPSF launches ground breaking on line SADC labour law guide

15Jun 2020
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
SPSF launches ground breaking on line SADC labour law guide

​​​​​​​THE Southern Africa Development Community Private Sector Forum (SPSF) has launched the ground breaking SADC labour law guide, an online tool that will enable people in the region to access the laws in one central location.

SPSF Chairperson Dr Aggrey Mulimuka.

The labour law goals is to create a single access point for all labour laws in the regions and subsequently a greater understanding of employers legal obligations, promote decent work principles, improve compliance and facilitate formal business, trade and employment in and between SADC countries.

The official online launch of the SADC labour law guide and the SADC Covid-19 Dashboard took place on Friday last week bringing together delegates from across 16 countries representing the private sector, government and the media.

Speaking at the event, SPSF Chairperson Dr Aggrey Mulimuka said the launched labour law guide will have huge impact on the future of work as well as development and sustainable growth on the continent.

“We are extremely excited to be at the forefront of innovative African knowledge platform,” said Dr Mulimuka.

The SPSF Chairperson added: “The labour law will also facilitate investment flow into the SADC regions,”

He explained that the SADC labor law guide bring together up-to-date labor laws from each of the SADC countries and allow users to search and deep dive into components of laws and specific country.

The guide provides access to information on fundamental rights, minimum standard legislation, labor institutions, foreign workers provision and social security provisions.

He said that along with the labour law, the platform includes a purpose built Covid-19 Dashboard, provide access to regularly updated information under ten key regulatory highlight from enabling laws to health and safety and goods through port's to unemployment relief where the pandemic is leaving its mark.

The dashboard is a comprehensive way to keep abreast of both in county and regional responses and reaction to Covid-19.

SPSF Chief Executive Officer (Business) Nathi Dlamin said the labour law guide is the most indigenous and innovative knowledge platform in Africa.

“I am extremely proud to be associated with the project,” said Dlamin.

However, SPSF is unifying voices of SADC private sector on  regional policies, priorities, issues and program, is an online too that provides up-to-date labor laws from the regions in one central location, is digital resource accessible on desktop and available in three language English, French and Portuguese.

SPSF represents over 10,000 of southern Africa’s leading companies. Itv works to remove obstacles to doing business by spreading ideas that work and build a socially and economically sustainable future.

The private sector is Africa’s engine of economic growth and development, creating jobs, generating income, and providing essential goods and services across the continent.

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