Stakeholders laud WCF’s electronic registration, notification systems

28Nov 2019
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Stakeholders laud WCF’s electronic registration, notification systems

STAKEHOLDERS have commended the Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) for coming up with the ‘e-notification’ and ‘e-registration’ systems that allow employers to send information electronically.

Dr Abdulsalaam Omary

Speaking recently in Mbeya during a stakeholder’s seminar, the fund’s Director of Health Services and Evaluation, Dr Abdulsalaam Omary said that WCF has decided to go online to bring its services closer to people as well as facilitate registration of compensation claims. He said employers can use the online platform to register with the fund.

“The use of information and communication technology (ICT) helps our customers to register online through e-registration and get certificates on the spot”, said Dr Omay noting that employers can also remit monthly contributions and keep records of its employees through control number and get an electronic receipt.

He noted that with the e-notification and e-registration, both employers and employees do not need to physically visit WCF offices to register their compensation claims. He said the new online system will reduce cost and save time.

WCF evaluation manager - work places Naanjela Msangi called upon employers to conduct risk assessment at their premises and adhere to safety and health measures to protect workers against accidents.

“It is important that every employer takes safety and health measures for employees. Creating a better working environment helps to protect employees from possible accidents when executing their duties,” said Msango adding that better working premises enhances productivity.

Seminar participant, Sasilo Mtemi Seif from Kyela-based construct firm - China Geo-Engineering Cooperation said the electronic registration and submission of documents will increase the fund’s efficiency as well as reduce cost.

The seminar brought together 160 employers who were educated on various issues related to the fund as well as the benefits of joining WCF.

WCF was established to provide compensation for employees injured or incapacitated in the course of employment under the Workers’ Compensation Act 2008. The Act applies to employees from both the private and government sector.

The act requires all the employers to make contributions to the fund whereby employers from the private sector contribute 1 percent and public sector employers contribute 0.5 percent of their annual tax bill for one year.

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