Stamico buys modern 5.2bn/- drilling machines to boost local mining

17Sep 2020
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Stamico buys modern 5.2bn/- drilling machines to boost local mining

​​​​​​​STATE Mining Corporation (STAMICO), a wholly-owned government enterprise under the Ministry of Minerals has bought three modern machines with a technology to drill a quarry and secure a mineral never used in the country before.

Minerals ministry permanent secretary, Prof Simon Msanjila (L), cuts a ribbon to inaugurate three modern plants from the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) in Dar es Salaam, yesterday. On his (R) is the corporation managing director Dr Venance Mwasse.Photo: Guardian Correspondent

The machines valued at 5.2bn/- can be manned through a computer by an expert, who must not necessarily close.

Speaking at the inauguration of the machines in Dar es Salaam, yesterday the Ministry of Mineral Permanent Secretary, Prof Simon Msanjila hailed the State Company for the technology that would ease mineral quarrying and competition in the market.

However, he asked STAMICO to continue working diligently in the industry, saying: “These fruits have been realized with STAMICO initiatives, you can use your resources to purchase machines of bilions of shillings. We know the survey that has been done by Stamico in the mining sites in the country and now you have procured a tool to drill, hence, you also look for your own sites to mine.”

“You have the mine of Kiwira that is doing well, but aim higher so that one day when a leading mine of any mineral is mentioned in the country, it should be owned by Stamico.”

For his part, STAMICO Director, Venance Mwasse said the machines were bought from Epiroc Company in Sweden and Son-mak from Turkey.

“We bought the modern machines and one of them is Explorac 235 that can drill 500 meters deep, and in the mining sector they can fast enough drill 300 meters.

“It is only Stamico that has the modern technology and machine to drill 200 meters on daily basis, others competing in the sector can only drill 100 to 150 meters per day,” he pointed out.

Elaborating, the director noted that the technology is environmental friendly and safe to use, adding that it guarantees its operators also security to the extent that none would be affected by dust.

“This machine is modern and its technology is high in use let alone the fact that no any company has ever used it in the country,” Mwasse added.

However, he applauded the mining ministry for cooperation and advice to his company to purchase the machines as well as giving go-ahead to experts to work with Stamico, adding that the machines are now ready to be ferried to different sites, where their use would be sought.

Commenting, Epiroc marketing manager, Menas Ngonyani thanked Stamico for trusting them with the business of buying and procuring them to Tanzania.

For his part, Son-mak Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Mbunda clarified how Stamico has been closely working with them since they set foot in Tanzania in 2004, adding: “Stamico has been our customers, we praise them for trusting us and we promise to supply them with genuine machines capable of efficiently working to improve the mining sector in the country.”