STAMICO unveils alternative coal briquettes for domestic use

09Dec 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
STAMICO unveils alternative coal briquettes for domestic use

STATE Mining Corporation (STAMICO) is in the final stages to receive a special machine for making alternative coal – ‘rafiki briquettes’ for domestic use.

Rafiki briquettes managing director Venance Mwasse.

Rafiki briquettes managing director Venance Mwasse revealed yesterday at the ongoing industrial sector exhibition at Maisara grounds here.

Dr Mwasse was speaking to reporters and other stakeholders who visited STAMICO pavilion to see and learn on how the coal is made.

He said preparations for making the alternative coal are almost complete, and only waiting for the machine to install.

“So far everything is ready, we are waiting for the special machine to arrive this December,” said Dr Mwasse.

Responding to a question from reporters on the possibility for the coal to be available in the Isles, Dr Mwasse explained:

“After starting production we shall have in place a good procedure to distribute the alternative coal countrywide including the Isles by using agents who will come up to do the job, our intention is that every Tanzania will get the alternative coal for domestic use.”

He hailed the exhibition’s preparations saying it was the first time for it to take place in Zanzibar hence it has created a great opportunity to them to be able to meet with the people of Zanzibar for them to know STAMICO’s various activities.

Earlier, DR Mwasse had an opportunity to visit some other pavilions to see for himself various activities of participating institutions.

The ongoing exhibition with a slogan ’60 Years of Strong Tanzania, Work Should Continue’ reaches its apex today, December 9, 60 years’ commemoration of the country’s independence that will go in tandem with celebrations to mark 60 years of Tanganyika’s independence.

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