State to ban use of hard plastics next year

20Apr 2016
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
State to ban use of hard plastics next year

THE government will impose a ban on the use of plastic bags come January 1 next year with the view to preserve the environment, Parliament was told yesterday.

January Makamba

Minister of State, Vice President’s Office (Environment), January Makamba told the National Assembly that the government is already in talks with various stakeholders on the matter.

The minister was responding to a supplementary question by Njombe Urban MP, Edward Mwalongo who had sought to know when exactly the government would ban use of plastic bags in the country.

“Plastic bags cause serious environmental hazard in the country, does the government see the need to ban use of the products?” He questioned.

The legislator also wondered if the government does not see the importance of empowering environment stakeholders by providing them with machinery to process hard plastics for other use.

Mwalongo maintained that the government ought to provide loans to those who want to invest in recycling hard plastics.

The minister noted that the government is considering total ban on usage of plastic bags in the country, adding that following the need it was forced to review policy to stop production, importation, selling and buying of plastic bags in the country of 2006.

“The government formulated a new policy of 2015 that nullifies the one of 2006, specifying that only plastics with 50 microns that can decay easily are allowed to be used in the country,” he said.

Makamba added that in effort to increase environment friendly technology investments in the country, the government mulls formulation of policy for easy investments in the sector.

He noted that the step will enable stakeholders to invest in small and big industries that recycle waste including plastic wastes.

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