State run water projects to benefit 42,732 Mpwapwa District residents

21May 2020
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
State run water projects to benefit 42,732 Mpwapwa District residents

​​​​​​​THE government is set to implement a number of water projects in Mpwapwa District in the coming financial year which will benefit 42,732 residents and end long time scarcity of the precious liquid in the district, the National Assembly was told here yesterday.

Mpwapwa Member of Parliament George Lubeleje.

The Ministry of Water said in a written response to a question by Mpwapwa Member of Parliament George Lubeleje who wanted to know when the government will implement its promise to construct a water well in villages of Chamanda, Chitemo, Nana, (Mwenzele) Kiegea, Kazania, Ng’hambi, Kisisi, Godegode and Gulwe in his constituency.

The MP said the government promised to construct wells three years ago but the promise has not been met and residents are now being forced to travel up to 10 kilometres in search of water.

In response, the ministry said it was already implementing some water projects in villages of Gulwe, Godegode, Ng’hambi, Mangaliza, Nyabu, Nana, Kiegea, Mgoma Kitati and Wota.

“In the coming year, the ministry is intending to research on water sources and carry out feasibility studies to implement the remaining projects,” the ministry said.

The ministry also said in ensuring that water scarcity becomes history in the district, it is set to implement other projects in the coming financial year at villages of  Kazania, Singonali, Mlunduzi and Chinyika because studies have already been completed.

According to the ministry during the 2019/20 financial year, it developed water projects at 13 villages of Kidenge, Luhundwa, Mpwanila, Bumila, Iyoma, Mzase, Mima, Iramba, Kibakwe, Seluka, Lukole, Kingitina Chogala whereby it is expected that upon completion a huge number of people will be saved from the challenges.

For the remaining villages, the ministry said it will continue including them in other projects being implemented by regional and district water authorities as well as at national level.