Stick to ethics and integrity, PS urges teachers

07Dec 2018
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Stick to ethics and integrity, PS urges teachers

DEPUTY Permanent Secretary President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (education), Tixon Nzunda has asked members of Tanzania Teachers Union (TTU) to sticking to principles and living their lives with honesty and integrity for improvement of education sector in the country.

DEPUTY Permanent Secretary President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (education), Tixon Nzunda

Nzunda made the call when speaking at the official opening of the two-day TTU meeting here yesterday.

According to him, integrity plays a crucial role in education sector hence more efforts are needed to be done to make sure that all players are involved.

Citing, he said, the government had halted paying arrears because there are some unfaithful leaders who made fake claims.

Explaining he said, the government has failed to pay teachers arrears amounting to 62bn/- because of ghost claims.  

He said some people included allowances such as house, telephone as part of the arrears which were not supposed to be claimed.

Regarding promotion, he said there were no promotions made for a number of years due to various reasons including negligence of some government workers.

However he explained that the promotion is based on three criteria and not number of  years one has been working. He mentioned them as good performance, responsibility and integrity

“We cannot promote a lazy worker because he has worked for three years as criteria, he said adding that the government would not hesitate to take stern measure against them.

Nzunda also asked Teachers Union to make sure that  truancy rate against their members go down for the improvement of education sector.

According to him, statistics show that 14 per cent of teachers do not attend to classes daily while 54 per cent go to work but without attending to classes.

Speaking earlier, the President of Tanzania Teachers Union, Leah Ulaya asked the government to work on non salary payment of teachers’ arrears which had remained pending for a number of years.

According to her, teachers were disappointed over snail’s pace in working on the government’s directive.


“We are witnessing so many empty promises whenever we make follow ups on govt’s directives, but our interest is to see all teachers’ pending issues were solved so that we can open a new chapter and move forward,” she said.

  She also asked leaders at district and regional level to discuss various issues that related to their rights and obligations.

Most of time we discuss issues which are not beneficial to us, let us change this trend instead to make sure that  the education sector is improved, she said.

The two-day meeting attracted more than 100 leaders of teachers union at district and regional level across the country.