Stop harassing any investors, Lugola warns Immigration

02Sep 2019
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Stop harassing any investors, Lugola warns Immigration

HOME Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola yesterday told the Immigration Department to stop being used by unscrupulous Tanzanian businesspeople in a dirty game to harass and deport foreign investors.

HOME Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola.

Opening a two-day workshop for senior Immigration officers at the Tanzania Regional Immigration Training Academy (TRITA) here, Lugola said he was aware that the department was being used to frustrate investors.

He said the dirty game involves Tanzanians who have partnered with foreigners as local shareholders as required by law. But after he business picks up, these locals seek the help of some people at the department to slap the foreign partner with the dreaded Prohibited Immigrant (PI) notice.

After the investor has been kicked out for whatever made-up grounds, the local shareholder remains with the entire business including shares of the foreigner, the minister noted.

“Investors should not be harassed without reason. Stop issuing PI notices for personal interest without considering the implications to the country,” he urged.

Lugola said the practice impedes efforts being made by President John Magufuli to attract investors as Tanzania strives to become a middle income economy be 2025.

“Some immigration officials claim that the Tanzania Intelligence and Security Service is also involved in the issuance of PI notices. This must stop because it paints a bad image to our country,” he said.

He appealed to the officers to adhere to the law and upholc professionalism so as to help the government achieve its goals. The Immigration Department should at no time be seen as frustrating investors, the minister said, emphasizing that “corruption is the enemy of justice.”

Dr Anna Makakala, the Commissioner General of Immigration had said earlier the workshop which brought together participants from the Mainland and Zanzibar would discuss and assess the performance of the department.

The objective was also to highlight key issues in the day-to-day work of Immigration officials relating to the law, regulations and procedures, she said.

Immigration commissioners and senior officers from Mainland and Zanzibar regions, departmental heads at the Julius Nyerere International Airport, the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport and the   Kilimanjaro International Airport attended the workshop.

Also in attendance were officers from the border posts of Namanga and Tunduma as well as the Port of Zanzibar.