Stop harassing farmers, RC tells farm invaders

08Mar 2019
The Guardian
Stop harassing farmers, RC tells farm invaders

MOROGORO Regional Commissioner Dr Stephen Kebwe has directed security organs to arrest all people who are accused of invading and threatening farmers conduct their activities in the nationalized farms in Kilosa District.

MOROGORO Regional Commissioner Dr Stephen Kebwe

Dr Kebwe issued the directive when addressing public rallies in Mvumi and Gongwe villages located in  Kilosa District.

The RC directives are part of the implementation of President John Magufuli’s directives who asked local government authorities to re-distribute all the nationalized farms to ordinary citizens living near those farms.

Dr Kebwe said that he had received claims from the villagers that there were some people who were threatening farmers not to continue with their farming activities in the re-distributed farms.

“I call upon the police force in collaboration with other security organs to start investigation on those claims,” he said, adding: “Make sure that the notorious people are arrested for further legal actions.”

He also assured residents in the villages that everyone will be given his/her plot in all the five farms, which their ownership were annulled.

The RC also asked to use those farms for farming and avoid making any further plans as the government is coming up with better land use system for them.

Kilosa District Commissioner Adam Mgoyi wanted the villagers to take note of the RC’s directives and make sure that they implement them accordingly.

Ibrahim Ndembo, Kilosa district land officer said all the farms had a total of 2,685 acres.

He said that after the agreement, district authorities formed a committee to distribute the farms—1000 acres for Mvumi village and 1000 acres for Gongwe village.