Suicide: Husband released, woman takes own life

06Jan 2021
The Guardian
Suicide: Husband released, woman takes own life

A woman in her late thirties is feared to have committed suicide and also attempted to kill her 3 year old son owing to a land dispute with her husband.

Jesca Samson, a mother of one, is reported to have taken rat poison which she also gave her son after she got news of her husband’s release from prison.

Her husband had been put behind bars after the two lovers fell indispute over land issues.

The incident happened at the turn of the week in in Karagwe District, Bukoba Region.

Kagera Regional Police Commander, Revocatus Malimi said the incident happened around 8:00 pm on New Year’s eve.

According to the police, the woman took rat poison and allegedly also poisoned her three year old son, Jordan Samson.

However, the child survived the rat poison and is undergoing treatment and expected to recover fully.

Narrating the ordeal, police Commander Malimi said the dispute between Jesca and her husband came about after he allegedly sold their land without her consent.

“She sued him and he was sentenced to three months in jail,” Malimi explained.

Thereafter, on New Year’s vigil, Jesca was on her way home when she got news of her husband’s release.

“On receiving the information, Jesca left her siblings and rushed ahead of them to her house,” the Commander detailed.

When her siblings caught up with her at the house, she told them she had taken poison and given her son as well.

“It is at this point that she was rushed to Nyakahanga District Hospital, however on January 2, she unfortunately succumbed to the poison.


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