Sumatra serves notice to transporters over fare hikes

29Mar 2016
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Sumatra serves notice to transporters over fare hikes

THE Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (Sumatra) has banned transporters from raising fares arbitrarily, especially in the evening, warning that anyone caught will be obliged to pay a fine of 300,000/- to 500,000/- or be taken to court.

Minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Prof Makame Mbarawa

The move stems from bus operators raising fares in the evening.
A Sumatra officer in-charge in Tanga Region, Dr Walukani Luhamba, said that they had received complaints from passengers that some bus operators had raised fares as much as double the authority’s requirements.

Dr Luhamba said Sumatra offered instructions on indicative fares in accordance with the rules of transportation of 1973 and its regulation in 2007, which according to the government gazette number 218 states clearly that transporters who raise fares arbitrarily will be forced to pay a fine or be taken to court.

“Concerning this I have spoken to officers in charge of the Court and the commander of the regiment of Road Safety in Tanga Region and the Attorney General. Once the transporter goes against this order they will be arrested and taken to court and if they fail to pay the fine on the spot they will face two years imprisonment,” the officer stressed.

Following the situation, he urged bus drivers and owners to comply with the instructions provided in accordance with existing laws.

However, he said all vehicles caught will be stored in the Garage of Technical and Electricity (Temesa) until the culprits have completed legal procedures.

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