Surge in cases of child abuse, GBV preoccupies RC

30Nov 2020
The Guardian
Surge in cases of child abuse, GBV preoccupies RC

​​​​​​​ARUSHA Region has recorded a sharp increase in gender-based violence (GBV) and child abuse cases in one year with leaders now calling for new ways to effectively address the situation.

Regional Commissioner, Idd Kimanta.

Regional Commissioner, Idd Kimanta said here at the weekend during regional commemoration of 16 Days of Activism against GBV, that Arusha has seen a dramatic increase in cases of sexual and gender based violence.

“As of now, there are 1,302 women who reported to be victims of domestic violence while 1,256 children were reported to have suffered sexual and other forms of abuse, of whom 1,085 are girls,” he said.

In the previous year, 988 cases of violence against children were reported, an increase of 22 percent in the year, he said.

The RC appealed to relevant government authorities and civil society organizations to come together and draw up a new plan of action to reverse the trend, saying that cruelty against children has many facets including sexual molestation, beating and psychologically debilitating insults.

Inadequate food and poor nutrition also came up as among the rights that most children never get and nobody ever mentions. The Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey of 2015-16 showed that the average rate of stunting in the country among children less than five years stood at 36 per cent.

The situation is even worse in some food-rich regions such as Rukwa (56.3), Njombe (49.4), Arusha (36.0), Geita (40.5) and Iringa (41.6). Read More...