Suspected gangster shot dead in exchange of fire

21May 2020
The Guardian
Suspected gangster shot dead in exchange of fire

POLICE in Tanga region have killed one suspected bandit and wounded another following fierce exchange of fire.

Tanga Regional police commander Blasius Chatanda.

The deceased identified only as ‘Macho Makavu’ with a shotgun was climbing  over a wall of house ready to commit a crime while his accomplice was on the ground keeping watch.

Tanga Regional police commander Blasius Chatanda said the incident happened yesterday at around 3a.m along Mbolea Street in Central Ngamiani Ward when the bandits stormed into the house belonging to Jamal Mbarouk (60), a businessman.

Chatanda said after they stormed into the house police who were on patrol and surrounded the house and an exchange of fire ensued killing the bandit instantly.

He said while they were confronting his accomplice they succeeded to shoot him but was miraculously rescued by other accomplices.

He said before this incident the bandits had also killed a watchman at Brac offices in Usagara area after which they broke into the office but did not find huge amount of cash, only managed to get away with 200,000/-.

The RPC also appealed to Tanga residents to continue cooperating with the police by providing information on criminal activities about to be committed in various areas.

He also warned all those planning to commit such crimes to think twice as the police are well mobilised to nab them.

“We have also beefed up security at Horohoro border areas and appealed to wananchi to continue with their economic activities. In the period approaching Eid  el Fitr  holidays  people should celebrate peacefully and should avoid huge gatherings,” he stressed.