Sweden outlines refurbished ties

20May 2019
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Sweden outlines refurbished ties

SWEDEN is drafting a new development cooperation strategy with Tanzania in line with changes that have occurred in both countries in recent years.

Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation Peter Eriksson.

 The new policy in the making is meant to replace the current one which ends in December this year.

To begin with, the Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation Peter Eriksson arrived in the country yesterday where among other things he will engage in dialogue with representatives of the government, civil society and beneficiaries of programmes that Sweden supports regarding the next steps in bilateral relations, the country’s embassy said in a statement.

The current development cooperation strategy has been guiding Swedish collaboration with Tanzania since 2013.

As part of this process, the Swedish government has instructed the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) to begin preparations for a new strategy with Tanzania.

“A renewed Swedish engagement brings an opportunity to realign cooperation in accordance with changes that have occurred both in Tanzania and in Sweden over the past seven years,” the statement reads in part.

 Minister Eriksson was quoted affirming that a guiding principle is the continued focus on reducing poverty and leaving no one behind while being firmly anchored in universal values of equality, democracy and human rights.

 “We need to ensure that Swedish development cooperation contributes effectively to improved opportunities for better living conditions for people living in poverty in Tanzania. Environment and climate related issues are possible new areas of cooperation with particular focus on biodiversity and access to renewable energy,” the minister asserted.

For years, Tanzania has been among top recipients of Swedish development assistance, making Sweden a leader among the larger bilateral donors to the country.  Development cooperation dates back to early 1960s shared ideals and has over the decades covered most sectors.

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