TAA awards 20 best students in commerce subject

19Jul 2019
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TAA awards 20 best students in commerce subject

THE Tanzania Association of Accountants (TAA) yesterday awarded certificates to 20 best students in commerce studies in the 2018 National Form Six examinations.

TAA Chairman, Peter Mwambuja said the decision to award the best performing students was to encourage students to study commerce in order to produce competent professional accountants for the benefit of the country.

He said the programme of awarding the best students in commerce studies will be continuous mainly for Form Six students who perform better in the national examinations.

The awards which included certificates was given to 20 students, among them, 10 were female and 10 males.

“Our aim as TAA is to encourage students to perform well in commerce studies when they are in the advanced secondary school level so as to produce competent accountants for the country’s economic development,” he said.

Speaking at the event, one of the awarded students, Gift Mwakikusi, from Tusiime secondary school advised the government to cooperate with the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) to introduce commerce books with the topics which suits the country’s law of economy.

“The main challenge to commerce students in the country is lack of books, all available books are published by foreign countries and contain foreign contents which does not suit the country’s law of economy,” he said.

Either, the TAA’s leadership used the moment to introduce its new three top leaders and 17 members of the TAA governing council.

The new Chairman is Peter Mwambuja, his Deputy is Odemari Rushita, the Permanent Secretary will be Maingu Mwigamba and the association’s Accountant, Aisha Kipande.

Mwambuja said the association is planning to implement separate projects and programmes in consultancy and research to educate, promote and raise awareness of accounting profession among the accountants and auditors as well as the public.

He said TAA will cooperate with the government to make sure that accountants and auditors are helpful in boosting the country’s economic development to reach middle income level.

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