TAFORI conceives better technology to help farmers

06Dec 2021
The Guardian
TAFORI conceives better technology to help farmers

TANZANIA Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI) has conceived the technology to assist tree farmers in the country to integrate species and tree planting areas according to the type of soil suitable in the said areas to boost tree planting activities in the country.

The step follows the increasing number of tree farmers in the country who plant in the areas they thought were suitable for better products, but ended up with different results and incur loss.

Speaking at the launch of the new technology, TAFORI director general Dr Revocatus Mushumbusi said the technology will assist tree farmers to recognize the type of trees to suitable for planting for every area.

Dr Mushumbusi said the preparation of the technology passed through various scientific stages and that various data including those on climate and soil were experimented on and produced results beneficial to farmers.

He said in making the technology a success, they incorporated experts from South Africa where they have also been using the technology for a long time with good results for the country.

He added that the technology will also enable to recognize the right areas for planting trees, avoid mistakes among farmers.

He said as for now demand for raw materials by wood processing plants was high hence planting of trees in big high quality tree farms was needed to meet the demand.

Speaking about the technology, the Director of Forests and Beekeeping department Dr Ezekiel Mwakalukwa said that trees, just like any other farm products, depend on climate for growth in the areas of concerned.

He said various types of trees grow better in special ecosystems for the trees; hence, the technology will detect which trees will grow better in which areas.

Mwakalukwa added that this was part of directives by the Minister for natural resources and Tourism in mobilising investment in factories that make quality forest products including furniture and other products, hence adequate raw materials are needed to supply these factories.