TALIRI tells poultry farmers to embark on commercial farming

26Feb 2021
The Guardian
TALIRI tells poultry farmers to embark on commercial farming

TANZANIA Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) has urged poultry farmers to change their minds and embark on commercial farming for them to increase productivity and income.

Aluna Chawala, TARILI acting director in Mpwapwa, Dodoma made the call here when the deputy minister for Livestock and Fisheries Pauline Gekul met with the farmers to discuss several issues facing the sector.

According to him, farmers have to adhere to the experts’ instructions and embark on smart chicken farming if they want to obtain profits in the business.

He said the country need for more people to embark on chicken farming as it is among the area which its potential is yet to be fully exploited.

Chawala said that the government has introduced new system to start selling the chickens per kilogramme and not by estimations as it was in previous years so as to enable farmers benefit from the trade.

“I urge poultry farmers to invest in modern farming methods so as to keep up with the modern market; this will also help them grow economically.  Taking good care of the chickens will also improve their weight thus selling at a good price,” he said.

He said the government wants to see its people, waking up and start thinking on doing their income generating activities including poultry farming in a modern way so as to support and maintain the country middle income status.

“So it is high time now for poultry farmers should change their minds and embark on commercial poultry farming so as to benefit more and improve their lives,” he said.

He also urged farmers to remember conducting vaccination appropriately as to guarantee safety of the chickens from diseases.

The expert further said if farmers will apply vaccination as advised by experts, they will greatly reduce deaths of mature chickens something which will also increase income.

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