TAMWA-Zanzibar hails Pemba court for sentencing girl rapist to 33 year

08Apr 2021
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TAMWA-Zanzibar hails Pemba court for sentencing girl rapist to 33 year

TANZANIA Media Women Association in Zanzibar (TAMWA-Zanzibar) has congratulated the ruling of Chakechake Regional Court Magistrate in Pemba Lucasiano Makoye Nyengo who sentenced a local herbalist Rashid Khamisi (33) to 33 years in prison for the rape of a 16-year old girl. 

TAMWA-Zanzibar Director Dr Mzuri Issa.

In its statement to the media, TAMWA-Zanzibar Director Dr Mzuri Issa said: “We congratulate the magistrate for the sentence meted out on April 1 this year.”

It was alleged in court that on November 19 last year at around 9:00 in the morning the girl (name withheld) went to the herbalist for treatment and the herbalist used the opportunity to sexually abuse her. 

Dr Mzuri said: “That should be the punishment for a rapist, especially on a child below 18 years as the country’s laws stipulate which could go as high as life imprisonment.

“Unfortunately Zanzibar is governed by the oppressive patriarchy system hence such harsh punishment is rarely given and instead only lesser punishments are given – from two to ten years.”

She added that TAMWA-Zanzibar want such sentences to be the norm in order to clamp down on rapists especially on small innocent children.

She also called on the community to remember that children have their own life goals and are supposed to be supported to reach them, and not to subject them to such cruelty that cuts short their life goals.

“In addition TAMWA-Zanzibar likes to stress to the members of the community in general not to close their eyes to these vile acts and should be ready to report them and provide testimony in courts without fear of intimidation when required to do so,” Dr Mzuri added.

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