TANAPA provides 24m/- to students in Ikungi

20Jan 2020
The Guardian
TANAPA provides 24m/- to students in Ikungi

TANZANIA National Parks Authority (TANAPA) has given Ikungi District Council in Singida Region 24m/- for making 400 desks to alleviate the shortage of the furniture in the district.

Presenting his report on the distribution of 330 desks in seven out of 30 schools, the Ikungi District Development Director (DED) Justice Kijazi said there is a total of 4,517 students selected to join Form I this year in the district.

He said the district has increased the number of students who passed their Std 7 National Examinations from 1,483 in 2018 to 4,787 last year, and emerged No. 1 in Singida region.

He said due to acute shortage of desks in the district’s secondary schools, and due the increased number of students, there won’t be any students who will be unable to start lessons because there are enough classrooms for all students and are currently new desks as well as repairing old ones.

He said his Council needs 13,076 sets of desks and chairs to alleviate the shortage in the 30 secondary schools and as of now it has 9,557 chairs and 9,509 desks for all public schools.

He said up to now the C ouncil has made 330 desks and repaired more than 800 chairs and desks.

Presenting the desks to seven secondary schools, Ikungi District Commissioner Edward Mpogoro stressed that the district received 4bn/- for the construction of four court houses and a Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA) college,

He called upon teachers and students to ensure the school furniture is taken care of as well as the government built infrastructures.

The District Secondary Education Officer Ngwano J. Ngwano said the Council had asked from TANAPA 24m/- and expect to make more than 588 desks.