Tandia conducts  training to 200 health practitioners and doctors

13May 2019
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Tandia conducts  training to 200 health practitioners and doctors

A non-governmental organisation with its headquarters in German—Tandia has conducted training to 200 health practitioners and doctors in Monduli district on how to protect themselves from infectious diseases following recent outbreaks of cholera and anthrax.

Speaking at a closing ceremony of the nine days training which were conducted at Mto wa Mbu, the district coordinator for epidemics, Dr Joel Nkika said they aim at imparting the doctors with skills and techniques to handle patients without being infected.

He said they have chosen health practitioners from Monduli district since it is among the places that have been frequently reported to have cholera and anthrax outbreaks.

“Monduli has been frequently attacked with anthrax and cholera outbreaks which have resulted into deaths of people and animals. The training will also help us in the prevention against the epidemics”, he said.

Tandia Director, Regina Meissner said the organization has been supporting health projects in the district since 2015. He said they have successfully managed to reduce a number of health challenges that villagers were facing.

She noted that Tandia has been supporting construction of dispensaries, maternity units, labour wards and construction of water tanks at Mbuyuni area.

“We have invested much in Monduli district after realizing the area is vulnerable to various epidemics. The district also faces shortage of delivery suites at its health centers”, said Meissner adding they are planning to provide similar support to other districts.

A participant, Dr Emma Msofe, Senior Medical Officer at Mto wa Mbu health center said: “The skills we acquired will help us to protect our people against the epidemic. We have been educated on proper use of equipment and medicine administration”.

Medical Officer from Engaruka health center, Elisha Kilanga said they have learned how to care of anthrax patients without being infected.

According to Kilanga, Moduli district has been frequently attacked with anthrax outbreak since most of the residents are livestock keepers. He said the outbreak of the disease have been causing several deaths of animals and human beings.

Training coordinator, Joyce Shanghai said the organization has been conducting to training to various groups such as health practitioners, doctors, laboratory technicians and security guards.

In February this year, anthrax killed two people in Kilimanjaro region.

In January, the disease killed four people in south-western Tanzania's district of Momba, Songwe Region.

In September 2017, an outbreak of the disease killed at least 42 hippos in Ruaha National Park.

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