TANESCO cautions negligent workers

15Jan 2020
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TANESCO cautions negligent workers

TANESCO Managing Director Dr Tito Mwinuka has said he will not tolerate negligent workers in the national power company and their days are numbered.

Dr Tito Mwinuka

He gave the warning when closing six-day training for 958 new workers recently employed.

The workers are continuing with their induction seminar as trainees from the Public Service College at three centres – Dodoma, Morogoro, and Mtwara.

Dr Mwinuka said Tanesco is an institution that is depended for the country’s economic growth especially as the nation strives to attain a middle income industrial economy, “hence we cannot afford it when some are running while others are walking or sitting down.”

He told the new workers that the government depends on them as they have come in to increase the pace to attain goals in generating 10,000 MW of power by 2025.

"The government has great hopes on you. You have come to an area that is more closely watched, hence you must understand what the government expects from you so as not to let down the company,” the chief executive declared.

Dr Emmanuel Shindika, principal of the Public Service College said training public servants aims at improving administrative systems comprehension among new workers.

Public service is a moral good for a person to serve other members of society but failing to adhere to work ethics at all times is a drawback, even shameful. He called upon the new workers to abide by what they are being trained to observe so that when they arrive at their work stations they will not be enticed to veer into difficulties.

Astelia Sukulu, speaking on behalf of fellow workers, said the training given will help them sharpen their knowledge of their responsibilities in the state institution, promising not to divulge company secrets.