Tanga petty traders fault TRA over non-issuance of IDs

12Jan 2019
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Tanga petty traders fault TRA over non-issuance of IDs

SMALL business traders in Tanga region have asked to know the whereabouts of identity cards for which they were charged and were to have been issued by the Tanzania Revenue Authority in 2017.


The traders expressed their concerns during a recent meeting where the traders were being given their identity cards issued by President John Magufuli a few months to facilitate their operations free from harassment.


At the meeting over 100 petty traders said they were asked by the TRA to contribute Sh10,000 for the identity cards since 2017 but they were yet to get them.


“This time we are required to pay Sh20,000. Now where is the Sh10,000 that we contributed two years ago and was pocketed by TRA?” asked Peter Shayo on behalf of his colleagues.


He said in 2017 the tax body launched a campaign that aimed at ensuring that every petty trader was registered and given an identity card.


“There is no good explanation why it has taken so long for TRA to issue the cards to us,” he said.


According another trader, Roda Yohana, they were not refusing to pay the Sh20,000 for the new cards, but rather they wanted explanation about their money and that they should now pay Sh10,000 instead.


A TRA officer who sought anonymity said the cards had been printed by TRA, but before they were issued to the traders President Magufuli offered similar IDs to the traders.