Tanga primary school infrastructure in dire need of face-lift

12Jan 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Tanga primary school infrastructure in dire need of face-lift

PUPILS at Kilimangwido primary school in Pangani district, Tanga region, fear for their lives following serious dilapidation of their classrooms.

Dilapidation of classrooms

A quick visit by the Guardian to the school’s surroundings witnessed cracks of the school’s classrooms which endanger pupils’ lives.

The school faces a number of challenges including teacher shortage. The school has only two teachers who teach from standard 1 to 7.

The school headteacher Sufian Mnangwa said the school needs to be renovated.

He said the challenges have been communicated to higher authorities and they were currently awaiting implementation.

According to him, despite teacher shortage they strived to teach pupils and ensure they passed in large numbers where in 2018  15 of 21 who sat for their standard seven examinations passed their exams.

According to him in 2018 the school registered 170 pupils.

Acting director of Pangani district council Daud Mlahagwa said they had already started to renovate the school’s classes and to construct three school blocks where students will be shifted while renovation continues.