Tanzania to showcase tourism products in Israel

11Feb 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Tanzania to showcase tourism products in Israel

THE Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) together with Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) and the private sector stakeholders will participate in the ‘Israel Travel Market.’

TTB managing director, Devotha Mdachi

The two-day event which is organised by International Mediterranean Travel Market (IMTM) will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel from 12th to 13rd February 2019. “The main objective of our participation in this event is to aggressively promote destination Tanzania with its wide range of tourist attractions while strengthening the destination’s position in Israel market.” The number of tourists from Israel to Tanzania has been growing year after year. For example, the number of tourists that Tanzania received from Israel increased from 4,635 in 2012 to 36,640 in2017. In recognition of the strategic importance of Israel to Tanzania and therefore the need to build a stronger and closer relationship between the two countries, the 5th Phase Government of the United Republic of Tanzania decided to open its Embassy in Israel in 2018. The Tanzania private sector stakeholders will be represented by the following companies: Udaay Safaris and Tours, Sun Tours and safaris travel, African Queens Adventure Ltd, Xperience Tours and Travel Limited, Dare 2 Travel consultants, Congema Tours and Safaris, Chaka Camps, Tanzania Travel Company, Face of Africa Adventure, East African Camps and Travel Partners. All the participating companies are active members of the Tanzania Association of Tourism Organization (TATO) who offer a number of visitor services such as accommodation, conferences, transport, holiday safari, and other holiday packages across the country. In the interim, the private sector stakeholders have already established contacts with their counterparts in Israel who are going to meet and engage during the Travel Market. According to the TTB managing director, Devotha Mdachi, the benefit of Tanzania participating in this travel market is profound as it will strengthen the present government to government relationship. It will also enable the destination to maximize its tourism potentials in Israel. In addition, Mdachi underscored that this travel market will help to increase tourist numbers from Israel to the level that will boost the national economy accrued from tourism.

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