Tanzania are asked to protect and defend human rights

23Nov 2023
Imani Nathaniel
The Guardian
Tanzania are asked to protect and defend human rights

 Tanzanians have been asked to wake up in defending and protecting human rights in order to be able to maintain dignity in society and the country as a whole.

Onesmo Olengurumwa

 The call has been made by the national coordinator of the Tanzania human rights defense network, Onesmo Olengurumwa during the 75th anniversary of the international declaration of human rights in Tanzania held at the Dar es Salaam University Library hall yesterday.

 He has said that the responsibility to defend and protect human rights is everyone's responsibility, although there is a misconception in society that it is the responsibility of a person, group or institution.

 He said that the awareness of the society regarding human rights is still low and cited as an example the attendance of people in the celebrations who have come out not in large numbers.

 Speaking at the celebration, the official guest who is the Chairman of Mwalimu Nyeyerere Foundation, Joseph Butiku said that any place where human rights are protected and defended there is unity and great development.

 He said that there are no groups or classes and the nation will move forward without any scratches.

 He also asked the people to be united in protecting and defending human rights.

 "Protecting and defending human rights is a big thing that requires dedication, patience and unity in defending them.

 Talking about the role of women in promoting and defending human rights, the Executive Director of TANLAP, Christina Ruhinda said women have made a great contribution.

 He said that before and after gaining freedom, women have been at the forefront of fighting and protecting human rights.

 He said women have been doing advocacy and education through various institutions that are led by women that are involved in defending human rights.

 He said they have been fighting for the amendment of various laws including marriage law, land law, education, sexual offenses law and many others through their expertise and experience.

 The motto of the celebration is to reconsider the present life and the future of the promotion and protection of human rights in Tanzania