Tanzania, China to conduct research on Aloe Vera plant

10Feb 2017
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
Tanzania, China to conduct research on Aloe Vera plant

THE NATIONAL Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) yesterday signed a deal with Jufeel, a Chinese-based technology company to research on the possibilities of obtaining medicines from Aloe Vera that will provide treatment to several diseases in the country.

Prof Yunus Mgaya

The research which will be carried out in Tanzania is expected to last until 2020. The project will cost more than USD5.3million to be funded by the Chinese government.

Speaking in Dar es Salaa NIMR director general, Prof Yunus Mgaya m soon after sealing the pact,said that the research will mainly focus on the Aloe Vera plants about the possibilities of providing treatment to major diseases in the society.

He said that Jufeel technological company based in China conducts research in Aloe Vera plantations.

“We are optimistic that the research that will yield good results and be able to produce the required medicines for diseases,” director said.

Director explained that the Chinese government had agreed to offer their assistance in the provision of facilities and medicines to facilitate the research that will be conducted within the country.

“We have got enough experts for the research within the country, which will join hands with the Chinese experts to conduct the research,” Prof detailed.

For his part, the director for Jufeel technology company based in China Zhangrong Xuan said that the research will help to attract investment in Aloe Vera plantations in the country that will simultaneously boost the country’s economy.

“We are determined to provide the essential medicines to Tanzanians to improve the availability of medical services for chronic diseases,” he said.

“In regards to the fact that agriculture is the backbone of the country, research will help to boost the Aloe Vera plantations by attracting individuals and groups to engage in the business in order to generate income,” he explained.

Director added that the research was part and parcel of strengthening the close cooperation between China and Tanzania that has existed for more than 50 years.

“We are determined to make Tanzania becomes the new medical industrialised country,” he said.

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